Boat Trips & Whale Watching

Wester Ross is one of the finest areas in Europe for watching marine wildlife.


Over the past few years sightings have been made of Minke, Sei, Sperm, Orca, Humpback, Pilot and Bottlenose Whales; Common, White Beaked and Risso’s Dolphins, Harbour Porpoises, Basking Sharks.

What else is there to see – Common and Grey seals, Otters and an amazing number of some of the rarest seabirds in the British Isles such as; Black and Red Throated Divers, White-Billed Diver, Golden eagles,

White-tailed Sea Eagles, Skuas, Puffins, Guillemots, Gannets, Frigate Birds, Storm Petrels, Shearwaters.


Where to see these wonderful creatures? Wildlife cruises leave Gairloch pier several times a day during the summer months. With a good pair of binoculars or telescope it is possible to sit on the shores of Wester Ross and watch these rare animals many of which can be seen throughout the year.

Boat trips are available from Gairloch Harbour (adjacent to The Old Inn) for wildlife watching.

Gairloch Marine Wildlife Centre & Cruises – www.porpoise-gairloch.co.uk

Sealife Glass Bottom Boat – www.seawildlife.co.uk

Sailing and powerboat trips are also available.

Boat trips are available on Loch Maree, to view Viking graves and the famous Money Tree visited by Queen Victoria.www.lochmareehotel.co.uk

Regular boat trips sail from Ullapool and Achiltibuie to the glorious Summer Isles. www.summer-isles-cruises.co.uk /www.summerqueen.co.uk