Dear reader,

We have endeavoured to engage with Tripadvisor directly, in an effort to remove a series of recent reviews, from the same party, which contain inaccuracies, misrepresentations  and incorrect information which are unhelpful to travellers.

Thank you for taking the time to see our response below.

You may have read the reviews entitled –

DO NOT STAY HERE!!!” – (2)

Stay somewhere else!!!” – (1)

Tripadvisor guidelines state that reviews should be accurate and helpful to future guests so when this is not the case how do owners/managers respond to mischievous Tripadvisor reviews without getting personal or engaging in  “tit for tat “ replies?

This review, along with the two others, were submitted by a group of 3 rooms staying at the hotel ( room 16 – disabled facilities, room 6 & room 14 ) which demanded discounts with menacing behaviour at check-out and remarks of blogs and Tripadvisor.

Our only means of recourse is to discredit the review by presenting factual evidence and let readers make their own minds up.

We would have preferred to respond to the review via Tripadvisor directly but unfortunately the Tripadvisor platform does not allow responses to include photos ( unlike the ‘review’ functionality which does allow photos ).  These supporting documents are far more conclusive than anecdotal comment. Thus we have had to revert to posting our response on our website.

This review is extremely unhelpful for guests looking for disabled facilities in an area where there are few disabled designed guest rooms.

Room 16 is located on the ground-floor and is designed for disabled use.

The review states that it is unsafe due to no hand-rails.

There are 3 grab-rails, one fold-down hand-rail and 2 hand grips on the wet-room shower-seat (please see photos ).


The review states that the wet-room seat is not secure.

I sat in the ‘shower-seat’ myself and found no movement. I requested one of our members of staff ( 16.5stone) to sit on the shower-seat and wobble. Again no movement whatsoever.

I attach a photo to show the position of the legs of the ‘shower-seat’ and their proximity to the tile when extended. There is no gap, only firm connection to the floor.

( see photo )


The review states that the WC has no lid so it is unhygienic.

A disabled WC is standard design with no lid. This, for obvious accessibility and ease of use reasons.

The ensuite bathroom complied fully to the Building Standards. (see photo ).


The review states that the shower is just a drip.

Described by the guest as  “I could spit better than that”.

The shower is an electric shower, not a power shower and a full stream of water flows from the shower head ( see photo ).

Should you be considering The Old Inn, please do so with an open mind.

If you are a guest looking for a guest room suitable for disabled use, please consider our room 16.

Our staff are hospitable and The Old Inn has a welcoming atmosphere with a good kitchen all of which is demonstrated by the genuine comments from previous guests

(photograph attached of our visitor book). We are at the sharp-end of the hospitality service industry and not all goes according to plan. Our staff are professional and will respond immediately if things are not satisfactory.

Nobody likes negative comments but when genuine, it is one way of interrogating and improving our product which I do with staff and management. We encourage constructive criticism and have frequent dialogue with many returning guests.

The reviews also intimated that there has been little or no investment in the property. This winter the Inn has spent over £50,000 on various refurbishments – wood panelling , flagstones, new carpets, wall-papering of 4 rooms, 6 new walk-in shower-rooms. ( see photos of public areas & some guest rooms).


Thank you for taking the trouble to read this.

Alastair Pearson


The Old Inn